Tuesday 25 September, 2012

This has been a long time coming…

Hip Hop Sticker Bed

…I started DJing in 1991, about 21 years ago. I’ve been DJing clubs/lounges/bars consistently since I started DJing clubs in 2002.  I graduated with a graphic design degree in 2001 but didn’t realize I made a conscious choice not to pursue that side of me, that passion…until now.

Thank you to my fiance, her cousin Lester and his wife Michelle, my team Acts of Excellence, and the staff at New Era for giving me the tools to see that I have much more of life to live, and so much of me to give.  Thank you to my sister Hazel, my mother, my Nodphonics DJ crew, and my Canned Beats fam for supporting me through this awakening process.

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  • Jeff says:

    Agreed.This ability to heasrns the energy of a room full of gyrating hot-bodies is what separates the true maestro from your average bedroom banger. In my experience, it’s the typical I’m the DJ, and you’re gonna like what I play mentality which lends itself to so many DJ’s/Performers planning out their sets. Anyway, I love what you’re doing here. A friend of mine pointed me to the State Of The DJ Address and I’ve found myself reading everything else on here.

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