Saturday 23 February, 2013

DJ Culture: Value Your DJ


I borrowed this image after seeing the good folks at @3_style_attractions post this (on Instagram) and it made me laugh at first, then got me thinking. My reply: “The art of DJing isn’t appreciated by most party goers, and especially by promoters and club owners. A DJ with skill is hardly distinguished now from a DJ who can’t read a crowd but is cheap or can bring more people for reasons other than actual skill/hard work. Digital age has allowed for anyone to potentially call themselves a DJ, or a designer, or a producer. Because of this, I miss vinyl since anyone who wanted to DJ got to put in time digging for vinyl, weeding out those that really were passionate about DJing rather than those that are in it as a fad. As proponents of the art of DJing, we get to figure out how to step our game up and rise above the purely microwave, instant DJs.”

Any thoughts?

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