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Saturday 01 February, 2014


A hilarious video about aspiring actors telling their friends/families about their big break…which sounds like porn. How would you react? (Note: NSFW).  

Tuesday 21 May, 2013


I had to do it. For my fellow Bruce Lee and Miguel heads. My first “meme”.

Tuesday 20 November, 2012

Laughs: Batman Has A Dirty Mind

I can’t stop laughing at these College Humor Batman/Dark Knight skits. NSFW warning, though: there’s explicit sexual references and Batman also has a dirty mouth, plus it spoils that last movie (Dark Knight Rises). I almost choked on my food watching this at lunch, though! CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

Monday 19 November, 2012

Laughs: The Avengers SNL Parody

Here’s a hilarious Saturday Night Live parody of The Avengers movie. Really, though, what would Hawkeye do?!  

Monday 05 November, 2012

Laughs: Enter The Dragon Baby

If you like martial arts, dragons, Bruce Lee, or cute babies, you should definitely watch this. If you’re a Bruce Lee fan, you know I should have called this post Game of Death Baby instead. I think I’ve watched it a dozen times already and still get a kick out of it.  

Tuesday 30 October, 2012

Laughs: How To Pick Up A Girl At The Gym

If you workout regularly, here’s a tip on how to pick up ladies at the gym.

Monday 29 October, 2012

Laughs: New Affion Crockett parody as 2Chainz “Enunciation”

For some reason I feel like I HAVE to check all of Affion Crockett’s parody videos out. Here he is as 2Chainz! His album “Watch the Clone” comes out Nov. 6, 2012.

Tuesday 16 October, 2012

Laughs: Please move the deer crossing signs

This woman is the kind of person you want to have as a friend just to know you’ll always have a reason to laugh in life:

Wednesday 10 October, 2012

Laughs: Help the fight against FWP

I thought this was pretty funny. But seriously, please take a minute of your time to educate yourself on FWP and maybe you can prevent yourself from contracting this disease

Wednesday 03 October, 2012

Site Update: New Link

Sad to discover today that a funny DJ website, Stuff DJs, stopped updating as of June of this year. Still, I’ll share this with you for as long as it stays online. Definitely a fun read for DJs who have enough experience in a club or mobile DJ setting and have vented about these […]