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Tuesday 12 August, 2014


Big ups to DJ Skee for making a statement and breaking out of the system. He gives a great resignation speech by talking about the state of music specifically controlled by the radio and how it’s controlled and tainted popular music today.

Saturday 23 February, 2013

DJ Culture: Value Your DJ

I borrowed this image after seeing the good folks at @3_style_attractions post this (on Instagram) and it made me laugh at first, then got me thinking. My reply: “The art of DJing isn’t appreciated by most party goers, and especially by promoters and club owners. A DJ with skill is hardly distinguished now from a […]

Tuesday 23 October, 2012

DJ Culture: Serato Icon Artist Series feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff

Check out the cool Serato Icon Artist Series focus on one of my top 2 favorite all-around DJs, DJ Jazzy Jeff. And check out the article and pictures as compiled by Serato here.

Wednesday 03 October, 2012

Site Update: New Link

Sad to discover today that a funny DJ website, Stuff DJs, stopped updating as of June of this year. Still, I’ll share this with you for as long as it stays online. Definitely a fun read for DJs who have enough experience in a club or mobile DJ setting and have vented about these […]